I have the great privilege to be your Member of Parliament for Auckland Central. It's the place I call home and the community I'm proud to represent.

We're a richly diverse electorate - geographically, culturally, you name it! This diversity of people, places and cultures is what makes Auckland Central so special. Across the electorate, we also have diverse needs and challenges. It's my honour as your local MP to engage and to listen, and to advocate and support where needed.

My focus is on our electorate’s key concerns around:

  • Housing, particularly cost and security for renters, and most obviously the bald face of poverty in homelessness;
  • Transport, where the electorate is well overdue for a mobility revolution: walking, cycling, public transport and full blown accessibility;
  • The Environment, with the protection of Tīkapa Moana – the Hauraki Gulf, plus safe, clean and green shared spaces and improved air quality, particularly down Queen Street;
  • Small business, particularly the vibrant local arts and culture scene at the centre of the community.

Working with our community

I'm engaged at the community level with many local groups, learning about their mahi, exciting new initiatives and how I can best support them. It's my privilege to connect with our schools, residents’ associations, non-governmental organisations, business associations, sports clubs and many more.

If you're involved with a group or organisation in Auckland Central, we would love to hear from you - please contact my electorate office team.

In late 2021, I hosted a series of community hui with local guests to discuss, dream and reimagine our neighbourhoods. Find more details and watch your local hui

How I can help

My team and I are here to help you with any issues and challenges you're encountering. 

As your local electorate office team, we can help you with:

  • Immigration
  • Housing
  • Income support
  • Dealing with government agencies and ministers
  • Raising your concerns in Parliament
  • Local issues
  • Community projects and initiatives

If you need help, please get in touch with my office.

What local issue matters to you?

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